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We are passionate about helping businesses effectively engage their customers and communities on the websites, social networks, blogs and apps they use every day.

Steve McQuown

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SMQ Consulting is the creation of founder Steve McQuown, who brings over seven years of leadership experience helping a wide range of clients use digital media to reach their unique business goals, such as boosting revenue, driving traffic, and improving online brand reputation.

Our expertise isn’t just technical, or solely based on social media and digital advertising best practices; we also bring an extensive history of thinking creatively, brainstorming, experimenting, and analyzing the resulting data to develop customized strategies to solve complex business challenges and suit the needs of each individual client.

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Our Clients & Approach

We have experience managing digital marketing campaigns for 30+ clients ranging from artists, to restaurants, to websites, to 18,000 seat arenas, to cities. We know that every organization is different, and take pride in our ability to chose the right strategy to fit your needs. There is no “one size fits all” approach here.

We start by taking time to get to know the client, their short and long term goals, the challenges that they face, and the level of involvement their internal team will have in their digital efforts. We then use that information, along with a detailed digital media audit, to craft and implement a customized digital media strategy for each clients’ unique needs.


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