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Search Console | Query & Landing Page Explorer

Use my free, one-page Google Search Console Explorer to monitor your website’s organic search traffic over time, and to understand the connection between Search Queries with their top Landing Pages. This will enable to you to act quickly to address issues and opportunities for your business’ SEO, search rankings, and organic traffic, and to optimize page content and tags accordingly.

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UTM Parameters for Better Online Traffic Attribution

UTM Parameters help marketers and digital business owners to better understand the online traffic sources that lead to website engagement and conversions. These short tags added to the end of website URLs are an incredibly powerful way to increase the accuracy and usefulness of your Google Analytics implementation.

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5 Steps to a Strong Digital Media Foundation

At SMQ Consulting, we often start work with businesses and organizations when they’ve barely scratched the surface of their ideal digital media presence. These clients have coasted along with barebones websites, an outdated Google local listing, an abandoned Facebook page, and not much else. Maybe they haven’t yet experienced the value that digital media has to offer their business. Maybe they haven’t had the time to even take the first steps during their already busy lives. There’s a great big world out there on the web, and while missed opportunities from a sub-par (or non-existent) digital media strategy might be hard

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