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Leelanau County: Wine, Cider & Beer

We set out to explore the digital health, reach, and online authority of Leelanau County businesses.

We aim to leverage robust digital data and efficiencies of scale to make key digital business intelligence accessible to Leelanau County businesses, chambers of commerce, and economic development organizations. By visualizing and tracking this information, we make it possible to identify trends, common issues and high-value online opportunities.


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Website Health reflects the technical status of each page of every website analyzed, summarizing the highest-level details of crawlability, on-page seo, technical seo, internal linking and performance. 


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Authority Score is a compound metric for measuring a domain’s overall quality, SEO performance, trustworthiness and authority.

Backlinks and Backlinking Domains heavily impact websites’ visitors, search rankings, and online authority.


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Schema markup helps search engines return Rich Results for users.

Open Graph markup defines how content displays on social networks.

Ignoring markup is detrimental, and it can be easily automated and managed.


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Load speed, especially on mobile, is a major factor in website effectiveness, conversion rate, and is (as of 2021) an official ranking factor for Google.