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Use my free, one-page Google Search Console Explorer to monitor your website’s organic search traffic over time, and to understand the connection between Search Queries with their top Landing Pages. This will enable to you to act quickly to address issues and opportunities for your business’ SEO, search rankings, and organic traffic, and to optimize page content and tags accordingly.

Why Dashboards? Why now?

As a Digital Strategy Consultant, I’m constantly striving to help organizations increase their efficiency online. At the core of this is 1) making data extremely accessible and 2) making that data concise and instantly understandable for stakeholders. 

In pursuit of this goal, I am working on releasing a series of Google Data Studio templates to help businesses jumpstart their pursuit of actionable data. 

I like to think of these as a bit more than dashboards/templates – they are my attempt to put a decade of experimentation and learning as a digital strategist into action – little succinct packets of expertise that are part report, part analysis tool, and part strategic instruction. 

I am calling these “Insights”; basically, a look at your business data through the eyes of a Digital Strategist. I’ve already done the work for you – take a look!

What can I do with this Data Studio Dashboard?

My new Search Console Dashboard — the Query & Landing Page Explorer — will allow you to take a deep, focused dive into how people find your website in search results (their queries) and the primary landing pages that appear for those particular searches.

Where to I find the Dashboard?

Here is a direct link to the Query & Landing Page Explorer. It is a Google Data Studio template created by me, Steve McQuown at SMQ Consulting. You are free to copy, utilize, and customize this dashboard as needed. I hope you find it as useful as I have!

How do I connect my own Google Search Console data into a Data Studio report?

Google Data Studio is a a very powerful tool for marketers, business owners, and agencies; best of all, Google Data Studio is completely free to use!

This dashboard uses a Data Control Filter that will allow you to access data from any Google Search Console accounts/domains that you manage. 

To see if your business data is already connected, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Google Account.
  2. Visit the Query & Landing Page Explorer here.
  3. Click the data filter in the upper right corner. If you have access to any Google Search Console properties, they will be listed here. If you don’t see a selector in the upper right hand corner, you may need to log in to your Google account. 
  4. Select whichever property you want to view, and the data will populate in the tables and graphs below.

If you don’t have access to Google Search Console, instructions for verification are below. 

How can I claim my business on Google Search Console?

Claiming your business on Google Search Console will provide you with incredibly valuable data that you cannot get anywhere else. Search Console is completely free and takes only minutes to set up.

  1. Got to Google Search Console and click “Start now”
  2. Click to “Add property” in the upper left dropdown
  3. Select property type (either Domain or URL prefix)
  4. Verify your ownership of your site using the options provided (more details from Google)
  5. Once verified, you website’s Organic Search data will begin tracking in the system
  6. Set a reminder to check back in a few weeks to see the initial data, and to revisit our Search Console Explorer

How do I use the Search Console Explorer?

  • Click over to the Search Console Explorer.
  • Select your Domain from the data-source selector (top right).
  • Select / filter Search Queries to see corresponding Landing Pages.
  • Select / filter Landing Pages to see corresponding Search Queries.
  • Select multiple Search Queries to track a group of related terms.

Can I copy this Dashboard and make customizations?

Yes! If need be, you can duplicate this Data Studio template and connect your own data sources. Here are instructions for copying Data Studio reports.

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